Value Added Certificate Course: Mass production of medicinal plants by plant tissue culture methods   dated: 03/06/2024

Value Added Certificate Course

Title: Mass production of medicinal plants by plant tissue culture methods

Course type: Certificate course

Commencement Date and Time: 15 th September, 2024 and 5:30pm

Duration: 30 hour

Course Fees: 5,200/-

Mode of Course: Offline

Eligibility: Students pursuing undergraduate degree

Course Coordinator: Dr. M. Ganesan, Department of Life Sciences;

Email id:

Course Objective:

Understanding the in vitro methods involved in plant tissue culture mediated mass multiplication of medicinal plants.

This course offers a basic understanding of plant tissue and organ culture technology. The course will be useful for the students to understand the different methods and media useful for the mass multiplication of economically important medicinal plants.



  • Basic techniques related to the aseptic seed germination, plant / tissue selection for in vitro culture and sterilization of explants.
  • Media and PGR preparation for plant cell culture.
  • Culture of explants in solid or liquid media.
  • Hardening of regenerated plants.

To apply please contact the course coordinator through email within 10 th August, 2024. Selected candidates will be informed in due course. Payment procedure will be informed after selection.

Dr. M. Ganesan, Department of Life Sciences
Course Coordinator

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