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In the last two decades India has joined or built several large projects related to observational astrophysics in and outside the country. These include i) AstroSat, India's first space telescope dedicated to Astronomy ii) LIGO-India, an advanced gravitational-wave observatory being built in the Indian soil iii) Thirty Meter Telescope, one among three of the world’s most advanced ground-based observatories in optical and mid-infrared wavelengths expected to start operation in the next decade iv) Square Kilometer Array, a planned radio telescope array which will be the largest and most sensitive radio observatory in the world v) Vera C. Rubin Observatory, which will be conducting a 10-year Legacy Survey of Space and Time, and vi) many other projects smaller in scope than the above yet substantial in their own right.

Consequently, it is very important that the Indian public are more aware of astronomy and Indian students are exposed to astrophysics at various levels of sophistication. The state of West Bengal and other states in North-Eastern India harbor an extremely large pool of young talents who are to be trained as future scientists for these megaprojects in astronomy.

The School of Astrophysics at Presidency University intends to lead the effort of the state to take part in the overall venture of the country in building personnel for upcoming international and Indian Astrophysics projects.

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