Peace Science,Conflict Management and Peace Economics: theme South Asia
Dept. of Political Science,
4th July 2014, A.J.C Bose Auditorium.

Unification of Gravity and Electromagnetism, Mach's Principle and Cosmology,
Prof Partha Ghosh, National Academy of Sciences, India
Dept. of Physics,
30th April 2014, A.J.C Bose Auditorium

Harendralal Basak Memorial Lectures, 2014: 'Saving Women's Honour: the death of a young wife in colonial India'
Professor Geraldine Forbes, University of Oswego, U.S.A
Dept. of English,
10th and 18th March 2014, A.J.C Bose Auditorium

The Dutch in Bengal' workshop, 2014,
Depts. of English, History and Bengali in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of West Bengal
25th February, 2014 A.J.C Bose Auditorium

'How far can we believe in our world of everyday experience',
Dept. of Philosophy,
18th February, 2014, Bankim Sabhagriha,

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