Dhruba Prosad Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Synthesis of polymer molecules with precise control over their structures and suitable modifications of polymer systems for acheiving different goals in Material Chemistry is the principal focus of my research here. In my research group here, we conduct controlled synthesis of different polymeric systems (homo and block copolymers having various architectures) using mainly controlled radical polymerization techniques such as ATRP, RAFT, NMP etc. Suitable post polymerization modification of the synthesized or commercially available polymers are done for tuning their properties for different applications as stabilizers, adhesives, optoelectronic properties, molecular devices etc. Apart from these, synthesis of novel stimuli responsive nanomaterials and exploration of their exciting properties ranging from catalysis, electronics to biomedical applications are also within my present research focus.

I teach various aspects of fundamental Organic and Physical Chemistry in the undergraduate and post graduate classes with emphasis on stereochemistry of the molecules and their structure- property relationships. Along with providing informations regarding existing applications of different molecules, during my teaching I always focus and encourage my students to extrapolate their thoughts for opening up novel application possibilities with the existing molecules or designging of novel molecules.


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86/1 College Street, Kolkata - 700073,
West Bengal, India

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