Guidelines for conducting Ph.D. Programme through Constituent Research Programme Institute (CRPI)-2019

[With effect from January, 2019]
Guidelines for the Ph. D. Registration of the Research Scholars under External Supervisors from Constituent Research Programme Institute (CRPI) who are not Faculty Members of Presidency University

1. Procedure for admission to Ph.D. programme:

1.1 Ph.D. candidates from other research Institutes ( Constituent Research Programme Institute; CRPI) are eligible to seek admission to the Ph.D. programme of the Presidency University. The research institute shall only be recognized by Presidency University (PU) if the said institute does not confer Ph.D. degrees independently.

1.2 Master’s Degree holders satisfying the criteria of admission stipulated by the CRPI are eligible for Ph.D. programme of the University.

1.3 Doctorate Committee/ Faculty Council will approve research institutions from where the teachers/faculty members/scientists may independently supervise Research Scholars registered in their own Ph.D. programmes for the degree of Ph.D. of Presidency University subject to fulfilment of the criteria of allocation of supervisors & formation of Research Advisory Committee (RAC) as laid down under sections 5, 6 & 8 of the University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D. Degrees) Regulation, 2016.

2. Academic, administrative and infrastructure requirement to be fulfilled by institutes for getting recognition as CRPI:

2.1 The recognised research institutes should have qualified teachers/scientists/ with required infrastructure, supporting administrative and research promotion facilities for carrying out research work.

2.2 The scientific research institutes should have exclusive research laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments.

2.3 The concerned research institutes should have library resources/e-resources including books/e-books, international journals/e-journals and necessary e-resources.

2.4 Ph.D. programme of an Institute must also satisfy all the above mentioned criteria in order to be recognized by Presidency University for award of Ph.D. degree. When an institute is approved by the Doctorate Committee/Faculty Council of this University, the institute must follow the rules and regulations of the Presidency University regarding the Ph.D. programme.

3. Coursework:

3.1 All candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme of the CRPI shall be required to complete the course work prescribed by the concerned departments during the initial one or two semesters as laid down under sections 7 of the University Grants Commission Regulation, 2016 (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D. Degrees) . The CRPI institutes may conduct course work by themselves provided the syllabi are approved by Presidency University. Alternatively they may attend the course work conducted by Presidency University. In the latter case they will have to attend classes at Presidency University as per the schedule drawn up by the Presidency University authorities. In the former case the institutes will have to follow rule 3.3.

3.2 The Head of the Institute/ Director of the Institute must forward the selected candidate’s duly filled in enrolment form(to be obtained from PU) for enrolment in Ph.D. programme at PU as per the provisions laid down in the Ph.D. regulations of PU. Upon the completion of course work as per PU’s Ph.D. regulation the candidates need to apply to PU with all necessary formalities as outlined in the Ph.D. regulation of PU for appearing in the course work examination. The candidate has to successfully qualify the course work examination prior to the registration to the Ph.D. programme of this University.

3.3 The teachers of CRPI would be appointed as paper setters and examiners of the course work maintaining all necessary formalities as per the norms of the CRPI. The names of the nominated examiners/paper setters will be forwarded to the Office of the Controller of Examinations of Presidency University for issue of appointment letters. The syllabus of the course work as per UGC guidelines should be approved by the University.

3.4 The Grades awarded after the assessment of the Coursework will be intimated maintaining formal procedures to the Office of the Controller of Examinations for issuance of Coursework completion certificates. For Coursework Waiver certificates, usual rules will apply as laid down in the PhD regulations of the PU.

4. Fees for Ph.D. students:

All eligible candidates seeking admission to the Ph.D. programme through such CRPI are required to pay the fees determined by the University at different stages (at the time of admission, registration and thesis submission).

5. Formation of Research Advisory Committee:

5.1 There shall be a Research Advisory Committee (RAC), or an equivalent body for similar purpose as defined in the Statutes/Ordinance of the Institution concerned for Ph.D. scholar. The Research Supervisor of the scholar shall be the Convenor of this Committee. The Research Advisory Committee as constituted for each scholar in a department as per provisions laid down under section 6 of the UGC regulation, 2016 / Guideline by the concerned research institute will perform the following responsibilities:

(i) To review the research work and finalize the scope of the research;

(ii) To guide the research scholar to develop the study design and methodology of research and identify the courses that he/she may have to do;

(iii) To periodically review and assist in the progress of the research work of the research scholar.

5.2 A Research Scholar shall appear before the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) once in six

months to make a presentation of the progress of his/her work for evaluation and further guidance. The six monthly progress reports shall be submitted by the RAC to the University with a copy to the research scholar.

6. Registration, evaluation and assessment methods:

(i) As per existing Ph.D. Regulation of Presidency University in conformity with the new Ph.D. Regulation of UGC, 2016.

(ii) A student must have at least one research publication in a referred journal, out of his/her doctoral research work, and produce presentation certificates for two paper presentations made at conferences/seminars prior to submission and shall produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or offprint to the Research Advisory Committee.


a) For eligibility criteria, enrolment procedure, formation and function of RAC, Coursework, Registration and evaluation latest PU Ph.D. regulation should be followed.

b) An Institute need to sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Presidency University to become Constituent Research Programme Institute (CRPI).

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