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Office Of The Controller Of Examinations

This office is looking after all Operations and Administrative Activities related to Examinations of this university. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate semester examinations along with PhD coursework examinations of Presidency University are conducted by the office headed by the Controller of Examinations. This office is situated in the second floor of the Main Heritage building of the Presidency University (erstwhile Presidency College). Equipped with IT enabled facility, it is committed towards the development of an International Standard Secured Examination Processing System to cater the global changes in the assessment system of the academic parameters.

The office is headed by Dr. Surajit Bhattacharyya, Controller of Examinations. Mr. Khwaja Moinul Haque is the Assistant Controller of Examinations. Assisting staff members Mr. Arup Ghosh, Mrs. Anindita Banerjee, Mr. Avishek Mondal and Ms Shayoree Mukherjee along with support staff Debasish Das and Bishnu Ghosh are engaged in the activities of the office of the Controller of Examinations.

Succession chart of the Office of the Controller of Examinations

· Dr. Debajyoti Konar ( 18-05-2012 to 05-11-2014)

· Dr. Nilanjan Dasgupta (05-11-2014 to 02-10-2016) as Additional Charge

· Dr. Nilanjan Dasgupta (03-10-2016 to 24.12.2019)

· Dr. Surajit Bhattacharyya ( 24.12.2019 to till date)

The major administrative responsibilities of the Controller of Examinations include the following:

• 1.Planning of Examination related Semester wise Activity Calendar. Issue of all type of notification/circular etc. related to examination and preparation of detailed schedule of Examinations.

• 2.Computerized generation of various appointment letters related to examinations under the signature of the Controller of Examinations.

• 3.Planning of meeting of Departmental Examination Committee for the purpose of Moderation. Arrangement of printing of all Question papers and sending the same to the examination venue in sealed envelopes.

• 4.Computerized processing of application forms and issue admit cards to the eligible candidates.

• 5.Make such other arrangements as may be required for smooth conduct of examinations.

• 6.Compilation of marks received from the departments in a computerized system to prepare the Tabulation Rolls and to publish the results.

• 7.Issue mark sheets to the candidates after publication of result.

• 8.Arrange for re-examination/review of answer scripts and revised mark sheet.

• 9.Prepare Degree Certificates for endorsement by the Vice Chancellor & to prepare Merit Certificates for issuance during University Convocation.

• 10.Issue such other certificates (Academic Transcripts, Provisional Certificates etc.) as may be required from time to time to the candidates against requisite fees.

• 11.Any other activities related to examinations or desired by Vice Chancellor.

The Office of the Controller of Examinations is open to students on all working days within Office hours. The students and Faculties may directly contact the Controller of Examinations in the mail id

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