Research Grants on Astrophysics/Cosmology Projects


1. Suchetana Chatterjee,“The Cosmic Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes: A Multi-Wavelength Approach”, Duration: 12.6. 2023-11.6. 2026 , INR 30,00,000/- DST-SERB POWER Fellowship

2. Ritaban Chatterjee, “Theoretical Modeling of Jet Emission Variability for In-Depth Interpretation of Long-Term Multi-Wavelength Blazar Data.", Oct 2023-Sept 2026, INR 26,22,210/- DST-SERB

3. Saumyadip Samui, “Exploring The Nature Of Galaxies At Z=10 And Beyond And The Associated Feedback As Probed By JWST", INR 20,27,696/- DST-SERB


1. Ritaban Chatterjee, “Probing the Accretion Disk-Corona Relation in Seyfert Galaxies.", INR 20,27,696/- ISRO


1. Suchetana Chatterjee,“Studying the Sunyaev Zeldovich Effect from Quasar Feedback”, Duration: 12.1. 2021-11.1. 2024 , INR 19,46,296/- DST-SERB


1. Kanan Kumar Datta (PI: 2020-2021, Co-I), Ritaban Chatterjee (Co-I), Suchetana Chatterjee (Co-I), Saumyadip Samui (Co-I: 2020-2021, PI) “Optical Monitoring of variable stars and transients with a 14 inch telescope” , April 2020-March 2023, INR 31, 17, 100 /- DAE-BRNS


1. Ritaban Chatterjee , “Physics of Jets from the Comprehensive Timing Analyses of the X-Ray Variability of Blazars” 2019-22, INR 19,50,000/- ISRO


1.Suchetana Chatterjee,“The Co-Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes with Dark Matter in the Universe”, Duration: April 2017-March 2020 (extended to June 2020), INR 13,76,100/- DST-SERB


1.Kanan Kumar Datta, Complimentary Grant for UGC-FRP Program, Duration: 2016-2018, 6,00,000/- UGC


1.Ritaban Chatterjee, “Investigating the Effect of Turbulence on the Emission-

Variability of BlazarJets” (2015-17), INR 6,00,000/- UGC

2. Saumyadip Samui, “Study of galactic outflows and their effects on the intergalactic medium, (2015-17), INR 6,00,000 /- UGC

3. Suchetana Chatterjee, “Investigating the Halo Occupation Distribution Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei” (2015-2017), INR 6,00,000/- UGC


1. Kanan Kumar Datta, “Unveiling cosmic reionization through radio interferometric observations of neutral hydrogen” Duration: 2013-2016, INR 24,00,000 /- (INR 15, 00, 000 transferred to PU) DST-SERB

Observing Proposals

2023 June: Probing the Accretion Disk-Corona Relation in the Broad Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 509, Awarded 120 ks time on AstroSat, PI Arijit Sar , (PhD Student), Co-I: Ritaban Chatterjee

2023 June: Intensive UV-X-ray spectral reverberation mapping of the bare Seyfert 1 galaxy Fairall 9 Awarded 90 ks time on AstroSat, PI: Arijit Sar , (PhD Student), Co-I: Ritaban Chatterjee

2023 June: Longlook Observations of Two TeV Blazars H 1426+428 and PG 1553+113 Awarded 100 ks time on AstroSat PI: Susmita Das, (PhD Student), Co-I: Ritaban Chatterjee

2021 Nov The Connection between Accretion-Disk and Jet in Broad Emission Line Quasars,Effelsberg Germany,PI Avinanda Chakraborty (PhD Student at PU), Co-I: Suchetana Chatterjee

2021 Jul Awarded 100 ks time on AstroSat to observe a TeV blazar, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2021 Jul Awarded 60 ks time on AstroSat to observe AGN host galaxies in the

UV band, PI Avinanda Chakraborty (PhD Student at PU), Co-I Ritaban Chatterjee, Suchetana Chatterjee

2020 Sep Awarded 100 ks time on AstroSat to observe a TeV blazar, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2020 Mar Awarded 50 ks time on AstroSat to observe a blazar, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2019 Jul Tempest in a Teacup: AGN Feedback Due to Quasar Winds,Chandra Cycle 21 Observing Proposal Co-I: Suchetana Chatterjee,PI: Craig Sarazin (University of Virginia)

2018 June Awarded 150 ks time on AstroSat to observe four blazars, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2017 Oct Spitzer observations of the field of the hyperluminous quasar HE0515-4414, Spitzer Proposal and Follow Up Gemini Proposal, Co-I: Suchetana Chatterjee, PI: Mark Lacy (NRAO)

2017 Sep Awarded two nights on the Devasthal Optical Telescope at Nainital

to observe the radio galaxy 3C 111 simultaneously with Astrosat, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2017 August Awarded 50 ks time on AstroSat to observe the radio galaxy 3C 111,

PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2016 Sep Awarded 100 ks time on AstroSat to observe the blazar Mrk 421, PI: Ritaban Chatterjee

2016 Aug Direct detection of a quasar hyperwind through the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect, ALMA Proposal, Co-I: Suchetana Chatterjee, PI: Mark Lacy (NRAO)

2016 Jul The Chandra Deep Wide-Field Survey: Completing The New Generation Of Chandra Extragalactic Surveys, Co-I: Suchetana Chatterjee , 1025 ks of Chandra time awarded. PI: Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth College)

Five Years Publications in Astrophysics and Cosmology: Refereed (BF: Faculty, italics: Students)


  1. Ankita Bera, Raghunath Ghara, Atrideb Chatterjee, Kanan Datta, Saumyadip Samui, “Studying cosmic dawn using redshifted HI 21-cm signal: A brief review”, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy , 44, 1, (2023), IF: 1.61
  1. Ankita Bera, Saumyadip Samui, Kanan Datta, “Impact of cosmic rays on the global 21-cm signal during cosmic dawn”, MNRAS, 519, 4, (2023), IF: 5.235
  1. Susmita Das and Chatterjee, Ritaban , “Correlated short time-scale hard-soft X-ray variability of the blazars Mrk 421 and 1ES 1959+650 using AstroSat”, MNRAS , 524, 3, (2023). IF: 5.235
  1. Avinanda Chakraborty, Suchetana Chatterjee , Mark Lacy, Soumya Roy, Samrat Roy, and Rudrani Kar Chowdhury, “Cosmological Simulation of Galaxy Groups and Clusters-III: Constraining Quasar Feedback Models with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array”, Astrophysical Journal,954, 1, (2023), IF: 4.9
  1. Prince Raj, Anuvab Banerjee, Ajay Sharma, Avik Kumar Das, Alok Gupta, Debanjan Bose (VF), “Quasi-periodic oscillation detected in γ-rays in blazar PKS 0346−27”, A&A , 678, 6, IF: 6.24
  1. Rishank Diwan, Raj Prince, Aditi Agarwal, Debanjan Bose (VF) , Pratik Majumdar, Aykut Özdönmez, Sunil Chandra, Rukaiya Khatoon, Ergün Ege, “Multiwavelength study of TeV blazar 1ES 1218+304 using gamma-ray, X-ray and optical observations”, MNRAS, 524, 3, IF: 5.235
  1. Banerjee, Anuvab, Sharma, Ajay, Mandal, Avijit, Das, Avik Kumar, Bhatta, Gopal, Bose, Debanjan (VF), “Detection of periodicity in the gamma-ray light curve of the BL Lac 4FGL J2202.7+4216”, MNRAS Letters, 523, 1F: 4.8
  1. Mondal, Tanima, Pramanick, Suman, Resmi, Lekshmi, Bose, Debanjan (VF) , “Probing gamma-ray burst afterglows with the Cherenkov Telescope Array”,MNRAS, 522, 4, IF: 5.235


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  1. Ritesh Ghosh, Sibasish Laha, Kunal Deshmukh, Varun Bhalerao, Gulab C. Dewangan, and Ritaban Chatterjee, “The origin of the vanishing soft X-ray excess in the changing-look Active Galactic Nucleus Mrk 590”, Astrophysical Journal, 937,1, (2022), IF: 5.874
  1. Avinanda Chakraborty, Anirban Bhattacharjee, Michael Brotherton, Ritaban Chatterjee, Suchetana Chatterjee and Miranda Gilbert, “Radio Dichotomy in Quasars with HβFWHM greater than 15,000 km\,s−1”, MNRAS, 516, 2, (2022), IF: 5.287
  1. Barat, Saugata; Chatterjee, Ritaban, and Mitra, Kaustav , “RMS-Flux Relation and Disc-Jet Connection in Blazars in the Context of the Internal Shocks Model”, MNRAS , 515, 2, (2022). IF: 5.287

  1. Souradip Bhattacharyya, Susmita Adhikari, Arka Banerjee, Surhud More, Amit Kumar, Ethan O. Nadler, and Suchetana Chatterjee, “ The Signatures of Self-Interacting Dark Matter and Subhalo Disruption on Cluster Substructure”, Astrophysical Journal , 932, 1, (2022), IF: 5.874
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