Tribute to the memories of Late Prof. Swapan K Chakravorty, Former Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore Distinguished Chair Professor in the Humanities.

Suchetana Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Department of School of Astrophysics
Prof. Swapan Chakravorty epitomizes scholarship in the deepest sense of the term... scholarship that goes beyond the boundary of a discipline or a topic... ! He spoke remarkably in our physics weekly colloquium when he mesmerized us with the notion of "knowledge". Personally, he was one of my mentors at Presidency, who encouraged me to take the challenge of institution building, when I was overwhelmed as a young faculty. His leaving is a great loss to academia, to the Presidency fraternity and to me personally, but, Prof. Chakravorty's vision as an academic and his philosophy of life, must live through us forever. Rest in peace sir!
Anupama Mohan
Assistant Professor
Department of English
SKC was the quintessential Renaissance man, a polymath, and one of the last titans of a vanishing generation that wore their erudition lightly and shared it generously. A rainbow man, he leaves fragments of his affectionate, kind, and sprightly spirit in all of us who were blessed to have known him. -- Anupama Mohan, English
Navras Jaat Aafreedi
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Professor Swapan Chakravorty was one of the few who welcomed me with great warmth into the world of Presidency University when I joined it five years ago. So unassuming, always approachable! We lost in him an immensely inspiring, motivating and encouraging figure. I will always cherish my memories with him just as everybody who knew him would. He touched the lives of so many in such profound ways. He will continue to live in our memories. I pay my homage to him with this Urdu couplet by Manzar Saleem (1925-1996): Jee raha hoon doosron ke jism mein Maut jeene se mujhe rokegi kyaa! Dr. Navras J. Aafreedi Assistant Professor Department of History Presidency University, Kolkata
Sreemati Mukherjee
Department of Performing Arts
Professor Swapan Chakraborty exemplified a tradition and a legacy of the highest order. Those of us who looked up to him can carry his legacy forward by trying to comprehend and imbibe this tradition to the best of our capacity. Sreemati Mukherjee Professor, Deparment of Performing Arts Presidency University, Kolkata
Yarraguntla Suresh Babu
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Professor SKC was a man of many talents. He was a rare gem. I met him on a few occasions. I was touched, moved and inspired by his passionate smile, witty and charming jokes, knowledge, hard work and charming personality. I can remember two wonderful things from my memories with him. First, always smile. Every time I saw him, he smiles and say hello handsome hero. He made me feel at home and I always felt joyful around him. Secondly, he was not only a man of many talents but also a man of good manners. He was a humble, polite and wonderful human being. He respects everyone with love. I never saw him get jealous or have any negative thoughts about anything. He was always positive and inspiring in many ways. Heaven is more fortuitous to receive a star who I believe will shine forever in our hearts, memories and the sky. Miss you forever, Sir! My prayers and thoughts with his family and fraternity!! -Yarraguntla Suresh Babu, Pol Science
Priyank Pravin Patel
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Prof. Swapan K Chakravorty was one of the great Presidencians, epitomising the best qualities of that term. Apart from his remarkable academic achievements and contributions towards building multiple Institutions, his generosity of spirit and ready encouragement for all was immense. With an engaging smile, he would patiently explain away all doubts and get to the heart of any discussion incisively. I shall cherish the memories of our interactions and feel fortunate to have met him. The need to strive for excellence always is a legacy and lesson that he leaves with us, together with empathy for everyone. Priyank Pravin Patel (Dept. of Geography, Presidency University, Kolkata)
Biswajit Roy
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Statistics
Professor Swapan Kumar Chakravorty was a person who easily reached my heart. The Department of Statistics will remain indebted to Professor Chakravorty for writing the history of the department during celebration of 200-years of Presidency. We supplied him only most part of the old information. He always used to maintain official decorum specially in different official meetings in addressing Hon'ble Vice-chancellor though he was her batchmate in the college days. This touched me a lot.
Rishi Bhushan Choubay
Assistant Professor
Department of Hindi
As a humble and active academic Personality, Prof. Swapan Chakraborty sir will always be an inspiration to me. He has also delivered a special lecture under Premchand Interdisciplinary Lecture Series in our department. Hardik Naman!
Ved Raman Pandey
Associate Professor
Department of Hindi
Prof. Swapan Kumar Chakravorty was the one and only academic icon associated with all the iconic institutions of Kolkata namely Presidency University ( Alumnus & Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore Distinguished Chair Professor),Jadavpur University (Head & Professor of English),University of Calcutta ( Guest Lecturer),Ramkrishna Mission Residential College( Assistant Professor),National Library ( Director General),Victoria Memorial Hall(Secretary & Curator),Centre for Studies in Social Sciences(Chairperson).
Ritaban Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Department of School of Astrophysics
I first interacted with Prof. Swapan Kumar Chakravorty in late 2016 when he was editing the Bicentenary volume and I was helping in writing the history of the Physics department for the same. I used to meet him in his office to ask about certain aspects of the article. While our discussion did start with the history of the Physics department it invariably moved on to that of the college and Kolkata at large. Swapan da, as I dared to call him, had a seemingly infinite storage of anecdotes about the political and cultural history of the city. Told with his sharp sense of humor, those were mesmerizing, and I always came back feeling enriched and enchanted. Once Swapan da asked me from where I obtained my doctoral degree and what I was doing before joining Presidency. After hearing my response, he quickly commented on how I must be feeling after joining Presidency and working here. Although Swapan da had no connection with my subject of specialization his comment about my feeling was so accurate I was stunned. I realized the essence of true wisdom, which transcends the boundaries of individual subjects. Later, I attended several of his special lectures that Swapan da gave at Presidency and witnessed again the breadth of his knowledge, and the intricate elegance of his disposition. I felt a sense of great loss when I heard about his passing. However, I feel glad that I knew him. Realizing that a person like Prof. Swapan Kumar Chakravorty, who was so accomplished and erudite, and yet so humorous and approachable existed among us provides me inspiration to be my best self.

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