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NIT NO. : PU/WORKS (O)-4/2014-15


Date:14th Nov.2014


Sealed tenders are invited from bonafide resourceful and financially sound contractors as per the particulars given below :



Name of work.


Construction of Boundary Wall at New Campus of Presidency University at New Town, Kolkata.


Location of work


New Town, Kolkata.


Time of completion:

5 (five) months.


Cost of tender documents.


Rs. 3,000.00 (Rupees three thousand only).


Estimated amount


Rs. 1,01,60,122.00 (Rupees one core one lakh sixty thousand one hundred twenty two only).


Initial Earnest Money Deposit.


Rs.2,03,202.00 (Rupees two lakhs three thousand two hundred two only) to be deposited as earnest money by Bank draft / Pay order only on a Nationalized Bank at Kolkata in favour of the Presidency University along with the tender without which tender will be rejected.


Last date and time of receipt of application


5th December, 2014.


Office / Place of receipt of application


Planning & Development Office,
Presidency University,
86/1, College Street,
Kolkata – 700 073.


Tender Documents can be obtained from Planning & Development office, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, Kolkata - 700 073, on payment of Rs. 3,000.00 (Rupees three thousand only) (Non Refundable) in Demand Draft / Pay Order on a Nationalized Bank at Kolkata in favour of the Presidency University to the Office of the Finance Officer, Presidency University between 14th November, 2014 to 5th December, 2014 during working hours 10 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.


Sealed tender addressed to the Presidency University, 86/1 College Street, Kolkata – 700 073 is to be submitted in the Tender Box kept at the 1st floor of the Main Building of Presidency University, before 3.00 P.M. on 9th December, 2014.


Tender shall be opened on 10th December, 2014after 3.30 pm or at a convenient date to be informed by the Registrar, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, Kolkata – 700 073.Any change in date and time will be duly notified.


Validity of tender shall be 4 Months (120 days) from the stipulated date of submission.


No conditional tender will be considered for acceptance.


Sealed tenders to be submitted in two separate sealed covers containing the documents as under:

Cover – I


Earnest money, valid Income Tax clearance certificate / I.T. return, photocopy of PAN(Company / Owner), VAT registration latest certificate, Service Tax registration certificate, Professional tax registration certificate, audited annual accounts (2012-13),current financial solvency certificate from any nationalized bank in India, List of credentials with documentary evidences, PF account of employee with PF deposit challan, ESI deposit challan.

Cover – II


The priced tender papers along with Conditions of Contract, Technical Specifications (in duplicate).

The Cover I and II is to be put in another Cover to be superscribed with the Tender Number and Dare and the name of the Works. The tenderers shall depute their authorised representative/s to be present at the time of opening. Tender without earnest money in proper form will be rejected.


The Cover II containing the priced tenders (in duplicate) of the tenderers, whose Cover I documents are in order will be opened on the same day.


Cess for the purpose of the building and other construction workers ( Regulation of Employment and other condition of service) act 1996 will be deducted @ 1% of the cost of construction to be incurred by the agency in terms of finance department G.O No.- 6895 - F dated 11.09.2006 and letter No. 100 (74)/L.C dated 30.08.2006 from the office of the labour commissioner. The tenderer would consider for deduction on account of cess for aforesaid work.


A pre-bid meeting will be held on 8th December, 2014 to clarify any doubts or ambiguities arising in the tender documents if requested by bidders.



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