Presidency University
Tender Notice No.: PU/Misc/GEOL/1/14-15
Dated: 29-07-2014

Tender for the supply of the Laboratory Equipment to the Department of Geology under DST – FIST Project, Presidency University

Quotation in sealed cover addressed to “The Registrar, Presidency University, 86/1 College Street, Kolkata-700073” are invited from the original manufacturer, sole authorized dealers / authorized dealers or distributors (to be certified by the original manufacturer) or any competent dealer for the supply of the following laboratory equipments to the Department of Geology, Presidency University. The quotations should be made by the bidders in their original letter head clearly indicating the specification, brand / manufacturer’s name, model, quantity, price (excluding tax, if any) on free delivery at site basis, rate of tax as applicable, discount, etc. separately for each item. The offer should clearly mention full warranty, free installation and training. Quotations should be accompanied with the duly filled up Application Form (Annexure – I). Self-attested photocopies of VAT / Sales Tax Registration Certificate, copy of the valid Trade License, copy of the PAN card, I.T. clearance certificate and other relevant credentials are to be enclosed with the said application form. No advance payment will be made. Payment will be made after completion of the satisfactory delivery, installation of the items and training as per Purchase Order and submission of tax invoice / bill with necessary papers. A non-refundable demand draft for Rs.1000/- (Rupees One thousand) only in favour of Presidency University payable at Kolkata should be enclosed with the quotation as application fees. The sealed cover should be duly superscribed with the Tender Notice No. and date and the words “LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS FOR DEPARTMENT of GEOLOGY (DST – FIST)”. Technical bid and price bid are to be made in separate sealed covers and both to be placed inside the main sealed cover.

  • DATE OF OPENING OF THE QUOTATIONS: 19-08-2014 at 3-30 P.M.

The University reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full without assigning any reason.


Ten Petrological Microscope (Student model): Polarizing petrological microscopes with transmitted-reflected light illuminations, Transmitted illumination 6V/30 Watt Halogen and Reflected illumination 12V/50Watt Halogen with Day Light Filter, Easy lamp replacement for both transmitted and reflected illumination. Rotatable polarizer-analyzer, infinity corrected optical system, Anti Mould body or better. Built in focusable Bertrand Lens removable from optical path, switchable conoscopy/orthoscopic observation, circular rotating stage of at least 160mmØ, and vernier reading 0.1°, with graduations and refocussing option and upper limit stop, attachable mechanical stage, 10X/20 focusing eyepiece w/eye guard with Cross line reticle, micrometer scale 10mm/100 div on one eyepiece, Binocular Eyepiece tube angle 30°, 360° rotatable. Strain-free Objectives:
4X/0.10/28mm or better
10X/0.25/6mm or better
20X/0.4/3mm or better
40X/0.65/0.5mm or better

360° Rotatable built-in Analyzer-min reading 0.1°. Attachable Polarizer (not synthetic) at the bottom of condenser. Achro Stain free swing out type Condenser with iris or equivalent, 0.9 NA. Quadruple revolving nose piece. Coarse Focus approx 38 mm per rotation/Fine Focus 0.4 mm or better per rotation, 1 lambda Gypsum, ¼ Lambda Mica plate. Two Quartz wedge Compensators (2 Nos.), Optional objectives: 2x/ 0.06/ 7 mm or better; 50Xoil/0.9/0.25mm or better . One Scientific grade 2/3” Color CCD Camera with minimum 5 MP resolutions. 14bit digital output, Binning modes 2X2; 4X4,Pixel size 6.45µm,Exposure control 130µsec - 60 sec, 4.4fps(5MP)-37fps(ROI), Gain 1-46x, Dynamic range more than ≥55 db. Auto white Balance. Software for Image acquisition, annotation, calibration, scaling, measurement & count of area, length/breadth/angle, edge detection, image classification, basic statistical calculation and report generation. Fire wire connection. C mount adapter with relay lens. Branded desktop (preferably DELL or comparable) all-in one PC, 21” TFT, 1TB HDD, 4Gb or higher RAM, wireless mouse, key board, Core-i7 processor, Windows-7 professional, MS-OFFICE, Anti-virus, one 42” LCD monitor (wall mount) to be connected with the computer.


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