Kalyan Giri

Assistant Professor

My Research interest is to build a significant research program on the structure and function of HIV-1 accessory proteins that are essential for HIV infection. The HIV-1 genome encodes four accessory proteins that include Vif, Nef, Vpu and Vpr. These proteins employ an array of strategies to manipulate host cellular factors and distinguish HIV-1 as a complex retrovirus.  The goal of this research is to determine the mechanisms by which HIV accessory proteins recruit their cellular binding partners, pinpoint the molecular interactions that stabilize the virus-host protein complexes, and develop biochemical assays to screen for molecules that inhibit complex formation. This approach will lead to a more detailed understanding of accessory protein structure and function and will open avenues for the development of a new class of antiretroviral drugs.


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Email: kalyan.biochem at presiuniv.ac.in
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