Kalyan Halder


I was initially interested in nautiloids (Mollusca) and earned my Ph. D. from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2003. In my dissertation, a comprehensive taxonomy of the Jurassic nautiloids from Kutch, Gujarat and their evolutionary palaeobiological aspects had been studied.

Later, I have broadened my horizon by including other molluscs (classes Bivalvia and Gastropoda) from other times (Cenozoic) and other basins (such as Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat (Cambay, Saurashtra), Manipur, Kerala). More recent studies have concentrated on the mollusc faunas from the Cenozoic of Kutch and Cambay basins. Modern taxonomic treatment of these faunas, especially from the early Paleogene, is in progress. I am also working on the early Paleogene global climatic events and response of molluscs to those events. I am exploring the palaeobiogeogrphy of molluscs based on global distribution pattern and factors governing it.

My long-term research goals include:

1. A study of the palaeobiographical evolution of the Cenozoic basins of India

2. Palaeoecological study of selected Cenozoic basins of India

3. Studies on molluscan diversity changes through the Cenozoic

4. Rigorous systematic and phylogenetic studies of a number of marine mollusc groups

5. Monographic revisionary treatments of some selected fossil molluscs


Presidency University,
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West Bengal, India

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