Bijan Das


I am basically a solution electrochemist. We have been employing a multi-method approach to explore the complex interacting features in electrolyte solutions supplemented with theoretical analyses using various existing theories including scaled particle theory, Pitzer ion-interaction formalism etc. Later, I moved to the fields of polymer chemistry and surface chemistry. We essentially deal with a special kind of polymers – the polyelectrolytes. Because of the complicated coupling of the polymeric and electrolytic behaviour in polyelectrolyte solutions, these species present a great challenge to the polymer scientists. We attempt to provide an understanding of the intermolecular and intramolecular interactions in these systems using different experimental techniques. Investigation on the behaviour of single and mixed surfactants is another important area of research of my group. We have also been studying the influence of polyelectrolytes on the surface properties of conventional and ionic liquid surfactants.

I taught various courses on Physical Chemistry at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level since 1989.

I held various administrative responsibilities as the Head, Department of Chemistry, North Bengal University for two years during 01.08.2004 - 31.07.2006, as the Project Coordinator of the FIST Project of the Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi (DST-FIST) at North Bengal University during 01.08.2004 - 31.07.2006, as the Coordinator, Undergraduate Examinations in Physical Chemistry, North Bengal University for four and a half years (till 7/2012), as the Member, Advisory Committee, UGC sponsored Special Assistance Programme (SAP), Department of Chemistry, North Bengal University, 8/2004 - 7/2006 and 11/2006 - 7/2012, as the Member, Faculty Council for the Postgraduate Studies in Science, North Bengal University, 8/2004 - 7/2006 and 11/2006 - 7/2012, as the Member, Board of Research Studies in Chemistry, North Bengal University, 8/2004 - 7/2006 and 4/2007 - 7/2012. Currently, I am a member of the Departmental Academic Committee, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Presidency University. I regularly serve as a Reviewer for different international journals, e. g., Chemical Reviews, Journal of Physical Chemistry, RSC Advances, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, Journal of Solution Chemistry, Journal of Colloid & Interface Science, Polymer International, Polymer Bulletin etc.


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