Upal Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor

My interests range over intellectual history, colonialism, political economy, agrarian studies, science studies, and governance. My doctoral work consisted of historical investigations into connections between political economy, science, agrarian governance, and regional property configurations in British India and imperial Britain in the nineteenth century. In the book, developed out of this work, I argue that the “local” needs to be understood as a conceptual formation generating, as concrete effects, entanglements between spatializable locales and non-localizable spaces.

At present I am working on the history of Hindu/Presidency College, the first institution of western education in Asia, established in 1817. I am examining micro-practices of institutionality, pedagogy, disciplinarity, scientific practice, and governance in relation to questions of empire, nation, science and reform. My earlier interest in the problem of scale continues to inform this work.


Presidency University,
86/1 College Street, Kolkata - 700073,
West Bengal, India

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