Gaurab Sircar

Assistant Professor

My doctoral and postdoctoral research is on studying the biochemistry and molecular biology of allergy-eliciting molecules (allergens) and clinical translation of the findings to develop patient-tailored treatment regimen. The aim of my research was to develop recombinant allergen based molecular diagnostics and to design genetically engineered allergen vaccines for immunotherapeutic applications.

                          Allergen Biology and Clinical Immunology

Allergens are mainly proteins or glycoproteins from foreign sources (like pollen, fungi, food, and insects), which are capable of triggering IgE-antibody mediated abnormal immune responses (Th2 type) leading to inflammation in lung, skin, and GI tract. So far, I have focused on airborne inhalant and food allergens eliciting IgE-antibody mediated sensitization in the respiratory and gut epithelia. My research interests are

1. Developing Molecular diagnostics for allergy

2. Designing Next-generation allergen vaccine

3. Pathophysiology of type-1 hypersensitivity

4. IgE-targated biologics

Ongoing project(s):

Title: Development of recombinant vaccine for Aspergillus-induced asthma and ABPA

Sponsoring agency: DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance

Sanctioned amount: 1.7 crore INR

Tenure: April 2019- March 2024


Presidency University,
86/1 College Street, Kolkata - 700073,
West Bengal, India

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