Bidyut Mondal

Assistant Professor


I'm basically an ordinary person and I do believe "be a philosopher, amidst all your philosophy be still a man". My Primary Education was from Uttar Madhabpur Primary School. Then I went to Madhabpur Jatiya Sikshalaya High School and took my Secondary Education there. After-that, I joined at Tardaha High School where I completed my Higher Secondary Education. Then, I took admission at Jadavpur University (Kolkata) in the Department of Philosophy where I have done my BA, MA, M.PHIL. and continuing PhD. Along with Indian Philosophy and Western Philosophy (both traditional & contemporary), I have studied Nyaya- Vaisesika Philosophy and Vedanta deeply and thus still working on these areas.
After completing post graduation form Jadavpur University, I have been selected as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Presidency University in the year 2018. Then I have completed my M.Phil.  research work from the same university in 2019. Basically my interest in philosophy is to find out the main principles of thinking so that I could reach it to the ordinary persons. My aim is to simply the philosophical concepts, theories etc. by analysing different perspectives, methodologies corresponding to them.

When my M.A. first year was going on I qualified SSC-TET bureau in 2015. Next year, when I was in M.A. final year, I got selected as a JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOW by the UGC-NET bureau. Fortunately, within a year I was also selected as an Assistant Master in Philosophy for English Medium Schools. It's my strong believe that what I am today because of my MAA and BABA and their endless supports. It is also true that what I have acquired in my life, until today, is the contribution of all my school teachers and all the faculty members and staffs of Jadavpur University, Philosophy Department. I'm grateful to all of them. When I did my Master Degree, Nyaya Philosophy was my special paper. So, in the course work, I decided to work on Nyaya hetvabhasa where I had tried to expose a new debate (Which is still in Nyaya Sutra and Bhasya) regarding its type. How viruddha hetvabhasa is defined in the Nyaya sutra, it seems there is only one hetvabhasa and that is the only viruddha. Then the question arises why did Gautama define them as five?

            Recently, I am working on Vedanta Philosophy, especially on mithyajñana. It is because, to them, everything, except Brhaman, is unreal and even this world seems false i.e. unreal. So, then question comes if the world is unreal then in what sense they are claiming so? Or is there no importance of this world? They explained satt?traividhyav?da in this regard. They said that all that is happening due to our ignorance i.e. avidya. Sometimes it seems to us that avidya and mithya are similar. I have been working with these debates or controversies and finding some possible solutions. Apart from that, I would like to unravel the problem regarding 'Appearance' and 'Reality' from core Indian point of views. So my approach is to find out the deep relationship among the Indian Schools and understanding their metaphysics, epistemology and ethics too.


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