Gitashree Mondal

Assistant Professor

My academic pursuits revolve around the profound inquiries into Indian Epistemology. The foundation of my ongoing doctoral research lies in the exploration of foundational beliefs concerning the existence of knowable entities and our capacity to apprehend them. Within the rich tapestry of Indian philosophical discourse, the concepts of prameya and pramana serve as pivotal constructs, representing the objects and means of valid cognition, respectively. However, the intellectual landscape of Indian philosophy is replete with divergent perspectives, as exemplified by the exceptional voices of Nagarjuna, Jayarashi Bhatta, and Sriharsha. These eminent thinkers challenge the very possibility of pramana, offering compelling arguments that interrogate its foundational validity. Nagarjuna, in particular, leverages his theory of shunyata to dismantle the dichotomy between pramana and prameya, presenting formidable objections such as the charge of Traikallyasiddhi and the charge of infinite regress. Similarly, Jayarashi Bhatta's seminal work, "Tattvopaplavasimha," presents a radical critique that calls into question the validity of various pramanas recognized within different schools of Indian philosophy. Despite attempts within Nyaya philosophy to establish the authenticity of pramana, formidable challenges persist, particularly the charge of infinite regress, which remains a critical epistemological conundrum. In light of these debates, my research endeavors seek to explore more plausible answers to the challenges posed by cognitive skeptics. Drawing upon my interests in Indian Metaphysics, Indian Logic, Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Prachina Nyaya, and Navya Nyaya, alongside Indian epistemology, I aim to undertake a comprehensive analysis that incorporates insights from both traditional and innovative perspectives. Building upon the foundations laid by my MPhil dissertation on "Pramana Vishaye Shanka O Tar Niras," I am committed to advancing our understanding of Indian epistemology and contributing to the ongoing discourse in philosophical inquiry.


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