MD.Inamur Rahman

Assistant Professor

My intellectual journey revolves around the intricate realms of ethics, issues of justice, and global justice, with a deep commitment to social and political philosophy. As a scholar, my approach has always been rooted in critical inquiry, seeking alternative modes of engagement with the world.

My academic journey has been a continuous exploration of the ethical dimensions inherent in the complex tapestry of our global society with global issues. My research delves into the heart of contemporary issues like global poverty, unpacking the layers of ethical considerations that underlie the ever-evolving dynamics of justice and philosophy.

What sets my approach apart is a relentless pursuit of critical perspectives, constantly questioning assumptions and exploring innovative ways to address the foundations of any philosophical issue.  I am particularly drawn to issues such as pluralism, multiculturalism, and comparative religion. These topics fuel my passion for understanding the diverse fabric of human experience and navigating the ethical complexities that arise in our interconnected world. One of my fundamental interests in research is to understand various philosophical issues not independently from each other but the interconnectedness of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and politics.


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