Sreemati Mukherjee


My areas of specialization are Narrative Theory, Feminist Theory and Criticism, Postcolonial Theory, East-West Dramatic Theories,  and 19th century musical forms of Bengal.  For my PhD, I used a comparative framework to study the many interrelationships between gender, genre, postcolonial contexts and writing as agency, with special emphasis on African and African American women's writing.  I have also explored at length the emergence of a black feminist critical vocabulary, which stresses matrilineal traditions in art. In my latest book The Many Dialogues of the Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita (Hawakal, 2021) I have used the dialogic framework suggested for the novel by Mikhail Bakhtin in The Dialogic Imagination, to read the Kathamrita as offering multiple dialogues between empiricism and fath, myth and history, historical documentation and music as epistemology, Shakta and Vaishnav epistemologies to create a symphonic text.  Apart from multiple essays on gender, culture,  history and  theory interfaces , I have also published “The Theory and the Practice of the Performing Arts in Ancient India”, in  History of Ancient India. Vol. VIII. Ed. Dilip K Chakrabarti. New Delhi: Vivekananda International Foundation and Aryan books International, 2020. Some of my recent writing has also looked at how classical ragas constitute the core aesthetic appeal of many of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs (Hindustan Times, August 2015), and how in some, raga and spiritual quest intersect in such powerful ways, that one can’t think of the one without the other (RMIC Bulletin).  I have also been extensively trained in Rabindrasangeet.  


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