Md. Salim Zaweed

Assistant Professor

My scholarship is focused on forms and meanings of Rajput architecture of the Indian subcontinent. I study their evolution as shaped by broad cultural currents as well as their distinctions and similarities or were there any loan elements from other traditions based on fieldwork and archival research. Since a crucial part of my scholarship involves comparing Rajput architecture patronage to that of the Mughals, a study of substantial number of Mughal architectural monuments in and around Agra, especially the Fathpur Sikri have also been made. As per topic of my doctoral research “The Schools of Rajput Architecture during Mughal Period”, the thesis is to inquire the evolution and diffusion of each architectural and decorative features, their source of inspiration, loan elements and its impact over other contemporary architectural traditions.   The other areas of my interest include medieval and early modern history, medieval economy, and history of Delhi.


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