Barada Laxmi Panda

Assistant Professor and Head of the Department

My research approach in my Doctoral Study was in Ethics. Ethical discourses not only evaluate the content of action, but also try to locate the normative source of the action. The evaluation of action investigates the features of characterization of action. There are many characterizing features of the action, such as, rationality, normativity and intentionality, etc. These features accordingly define actions as rational, normative and intentional respectively. Rationality is defined in terms of certain justified reasons of action, whereas the notion of normativity refers to the moral grounds of action. An action is normative if and only if it is justified in fulfilling certain moral conditions. The justificatory moral conditions are often being described as moral reasons. Do the moral reasons differ from the mere rationality? Moral reason does state about certain form of reasoning which is exclusively having moral grounds and it thus differs from the notion of rationality. Hence, it does not necessarily imply that to be rational is to be moral and vice versa. Rather the normative actions are justified in terms of moral reason. That is to say, rational actions are not always value centric as the normative actions. Nevertheless, their difference does not imply that there is no reciprocity between the normative action and the rational action. It only emphasizes that the normative actions are not ontologically grounded in rationality. Hence, the ontological status of both the rational action and normative action can be understood with the help of the concept of intentionality of the moral agent. In this regard, the investigation extends to the nature of the interrelationship of these characterizing features of action which results in providing a comprehensive account of the notion of moral agency.


My research interest also extends to the area of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Applied Ethics and Bio-ethics.


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