Arnab Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor

My doctoral research  was focussed on Revival of Russell’s Logicist Program in securing a foundation of mathematics.

I have defended my Ph.D thesis entitled ‘Revisiting Russell’s Logicist Program in Providing a Foundation of Mathematics' in September, 2018.

I have defended my M.Phil dissertation on ‘Significance of Russell’s Theory of Incomplete Symbols in His Philosophy of Mathematics’ in 2009.

Before joining Presidency University, I have been teaching philosophy at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous) where i was a member of various academic and administrative committees.

My area of specialization is Logic and Scientific Methods, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Mathematics ( especially, Logicist School), and Philosophy of Bertrand Russell.

However, my research interest includes Western Logic (both philosophical and mathematical logic), Indian Logic ( with special reference to Nyaya-Vaisesika Theory of Numbers) Philosophy of Sciences (with special reference to socio-biological interpretation of theory of evolution, philosophy of physics through a convergent integrated research approach) , Applied Ethics ( with special reference to Ethik In - Der - Umwelt Sein, a version of being in the nature approach of Environmental Ethics) , Philosophy of Economic Development with a macro-level target) , Socio-Political Philosophy (with special reference to participatory democaric theories of west and India) and Existentialism, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Gender Studies, Peace Studies.



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