Subhra Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

I am an UGC Assistant Professor, appointed by the UGC under their Faculty Recharge Program.

Currently I am working on General Relativity and Cosmology. I have worked on wormholes and their fundamental properties in higher dimensional gravity theories like f(R) gravity, Rastall gravity RSII brane etc. I have also worked on the problem of  expanding universe and problem related to Dark Energy (DE). I have worked on a project on inflationary cosmology, specifically warm inflation.

Currently I am working on some aspects of wormhole geometry and their properties in usual as well as higher order gravity theories and on the problem of expanding universe with respect to DE. 

Alsthough my current area of research is in cosmology, I had an exposure on research in various fields of applied mathematics. During My Ph.D I was working with integral equations. I devised numerical techniques for their solutions, and those techniques are nowdays used quite often in related research. During my post-doctoral exposure at University of Utah, USA, I ventured into an altogether new field of Mathematical Biology. Here I used mathematical modelling to predict and understand biological systems. I worked on epidemiology and ecology, Taking various biological systems I tried to model them mathematically and from the ensuing mathematics I predicted their nature and relavance in the actual biological world. After joining  Presidency University, I ventured into the field of cosmology and relativity.

This apart I am engaged in taking various undergraduate and post graduate classes here.


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West Bengal, India

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