Priyank Pravin Patel

Assistant Professor

A fascination with all the strange sounding exotic place names on maps drew me towards Geography inspite of not studying it in high school. The courses I teach are mainly centred around the physical aspects of Geography - Geotectonics and Geomorphology. Rivers in particular, are my chief interest - their behaviour, the spatial and temporal changes occuring across a river basin and aspects of water resource management. The use of traditional as well as more modern methods to analyse landscapes and their mapping and representation is also of interest - particularly while exploring land use and land cover changes. Recently, I have also been drawn towards analysing the built environment and how societies occupy them, how space is utilised in rural and urban areas. Geography, however, remains a "field subject" and is essentially best perceived and taught outside the traditional classroom environment and field trips are always eagerly awaited - for the curious discoveries they often bring forth and the camaraderie they foster.


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