Sumit Chakrabarti


I view myself primarily as a student of postcolonial and culture studies. My doctoral thesis, which is now a book, was on the representational dynamics of three Third-World intellectuals (Edward Said, Gayatri Spivak and Homi Bhabha) in the First-World academy. My research has led me to an analysis/problematization of the discipline of history and historiographical constructions/elisions, from a postcolonial perspective with an emphasis on cultural praxes, and how they may be viewed through the lenses of contingency and agency. In the past I have engaged with literatures of the holocaust and other forced migrations (histories, memoirs, films), trying to locate them within/without the framework of cosmopolitanism by using postmodern analytical tools (contingency, irony, arbitrariness, strategic essentialism). My general interest in culture studies and particular interest in nineteenth-century Bengal has resulted in my most recent monograph on the colonial keranis of Calcutta (Routledge 2020). At the moment I am engaged in writing a monograph on Akshay Kumar Datta and Rationalism in nineteenth-century Bengal.


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West Bengal, India

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