Md Sajjad Alam Rizvi

Assistant Professor and Head of the Department

I specialize in Medieval and Early Modern Indian History. My research interest is intellectual and cultural history of Islam and Muslim Societies in India with a focus on the flows of concepts / ideas and texts across the Islamicate World. As part of my doctoral research, I have written my dissertation on "Loving the Master? The Debate on Appropriate Emotions in North India (ca: 1750-1830)". The dissertation explores the debate on appropriate emotions in general and the concept of love in particular from the perspective of history of emotions. Various groups – affiliated with the spiritual and educational centers in Delhi – emerged during this period. They intensely discussed questions regarding how to cultivate divine love and examined the role of emotions in the master-disciple relationship. In doing so, they privileged emotional styles that differed but often overlapped. The different emotional styles were grounded in emotion knowledge derived from different disciplinary traditions. The perspective from the history of emotions to the study of Muslim religious groups in this period throws nuanced light on reformist trends in South Asian Islam and provides fresh insight to the existing scholarship on the "High Islam and Syncretic Islam" as well as the construction of distinct Muslim identity / identities.

The areas of my general interest inlcude Sufi ideas and practices, history of Islam, medieval and early modern Indian history, history of emotions and conceptual history.


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