Arijit Ray

Professor and Head of the Department

I am a specialist in igneous petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy. I use to teach these subjects both in undergraduate and post graduate level. My research interest is focused on petrological, geochemical and mineralogical studies of mafic magmatic rocks of Deccan Traps of western India and mafic magmatic rocks of eastern Indian shield (Singhbhum and Chottanagpur Gneissic Complex). I am trying to understand the evolution of magmatic rocks of Large Igneous Province and role of mantle plume in such evolution. Also I have been working on petrological and geochemical characterization of magmatic rocks of different tectonic setting. From the study of magmatic rocks I am trying to decipher the composition of mantle source rock, the melt generation process, role of volatiles in magma generation, crystallization process in magma chamber, magma transport and the mechanism of emplacement of these magmatic rocks.I am also trying to verify the existing models of magmatic evolution with the help of data collected from field and laboratory. I always prefer to teach students giving them a blend of research. Recently I have been working on the REE mineralization in carbonatite-alkaline rock association and magmatic magnetite deposits of Chotanagpur Granite Gneiss Complex (CGGC).


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West Bengal, India

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