Sanghamitra Dey

Assistant Professor

My lab's research focus is structure function characteristion of macromolecules involved in the pathogenesis of diseases in organisms ranging from humans to plants and bacteria. This includes unravelling the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, epigenetic regulations in host system under stress conditions etc. To achieve these interests, we are using different combinations of biochemical, biophysical and computational methods in our laboratory. Our lab is well funded by DBT and DST grants, FRPDF (WB Govt).

Our lab is always looking for enthuasiastic students (preferably qualified DBT/ICMR/UGC/CSIR NET-JRF) who have done their MSc in lifesciences/Biochemistry/Chemistry/Botany. CSIR NET-LS students are also welcome to apply. If you are interested in this exciting research, you can contact me @

Currently, there is opening for TWO CSIR/UGC NETJRF candidates for a DST-SERB funded project: "Molecular mechanisms of rice sirtuin actions under stress conditions". Interested candidates can email me their applications to









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