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Biological Sciences have been renamed as Life Sciences

The ‘Department of Biological Sciences (DBS)’ is the youngest autonomous interdisciplinary department in the 196 years history of ‘Presidency University’, formerly ‘Presidency college’. With the utmost recommendation from the ‘Presidency Mentor Group’ (http://www.pmg.org.in) and other advisory committee members this combined ‘department’ has very recently been restructured in an aim to modernize study-course materials as well as research milieu. Although, the initial faculty recruitments at Presidency University have followed the six pre-existing disciplines – ‘Botany’, ‘Biochemistry’, ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Molecular Biology and Genetics’, ‘Physiology’ and ‘Zoology’, in recent years Biological Sciences have become highly interconnected, and it was very enthusiastically envisioned that the University will be benefited from the integration of these various departments in coming years.

DBS at Presidency University incorporates cutting edge research with innovative teaching at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, continually motivating towards both academic and scientific brilliance. Keeping the fundamental essence amongst the different biological disciplines, research in this department covers from molecular level to the whole organism. In addition, research interests of many faculty members also overlap intimately with that of colleagues in the other departments such as Physics and Chemistry, which allows a truly interdisciplinary research environment within the University. The research interests cover a wide range of areas including cell and molecular biology, virology, cancer biology, plant biotechnology, developmental biology, bacteriology, computational biology, structural biology, environmental biology and ecology.

The research strength of this department is supported by various facilities including plant and animal tissue culture systems, facilities for bacteriological techniques, basic microscopic and animal research facilities etc. Besides the current instrumentation facility, recently, a proposal for ‘central instrumentation research facility’ (CIRF) has been submitted for providing an easy accessibility to all the investigators to facilitate collaborative research within the department. The department has 23 core faculty members and vibrant student strength of over 500 consisting of PhD fellows, Bachelor and Master degree students. Moreover, many of the faculty members hold prestigious national fellowships. Collectively, everybody in this department makes this into a truly dynamic and intellectually stimulating place with a growing aspiration to unravel the numerous mysteries of nature.

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