About The Department

The Department of Performing Arts at Presidency University, was launched June 2016, with a focus on research and critical understanding of performance as dance, theatre and music, within their many interlocking and interfacing worlds. The broad sweep of the program will include both Eastern (mainly, Indian), and Western forms through historical continuums and traditions. Through our courses, students would be introduced to the pedagogy of ‘performance’ which would explore the complex ways in which performances interact with and create different kinds of social practices, and help to integrate society in meaningful ways. Classical and folk, fuse and interfuse, West and East engage in interesting dialogues, social practices and art recall and reinforce each other, in endlessly evolving, transforming and interesting ways.

The students would have the use of our extensive facilities ranging from the library to a black-box studio, which could be adapted for both rehearsal and also used as presentational space. The Department has already been enriched through lectures given by distinguished speakers on the Performing Arts, from all over India, and we look forward to many such lectures, to give our students as enhanced a view as possible of Performance both as Theory and as Practice.

Our M.A. Programme:

This programme of four semesters is geared towards introducing students to critical concepts both Eastern and Western, through which they would gain knowledge about the formal principles underlying Performance. They would also be taught historical traditions, both East and West, in dance, music and theatre, and encouraged to carry out research based projects through interdisciplinary tie-ups with other Departments.

Our PhD. Programme:

We are interested in national and international research, engaging thematic and theoretical areas distinct to Dance, Music and Theater within different Indian and global contexts. Once again, there would be encouragement towards cross disciplinary and cross cultural dialogues. Students would be allowed to choose whichever theoretical model or models related to cultural materialist, feminist, ethnographical, linguistic, structuralist, post structuralist approaches, that they found congenial. Research might involve community-based projects, performance analysis, archival research, or performance pedagogies or even their many interrelationships.

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