7.1 The student should formally apply for registration in a prescribed form issued by the university.

If the Doctorate Committee accepts the candidate for registration then she/he shall have to register her/his name within one month of the date on which the decision of the Committee is communicated to her/him, by paying a registration fee plus such other fees duly determined by the University.

7.2 Registration for Ph.D. degree shall be granted to a candidate provided that the Doctorate

Committee is satisfied that:

a) The candidate satisfies the requirements for eligibility as laid down under clause-2.

b) It shall be possible for the candidate to maintain regular contact with her/his Supervisor throughout the entire period of her/his work, and

c) The part of the work, if any, can be carried out at this University or in other recognized University or institution or research organization or Industry (national or international) where adequate facilities for carrying out such work exist.

7.3 Every application for registration shall state the subject or the interdisciplinary field in which the candidate wishes to obtain the degree, the chosen area of specialization, the proposed title of the research work, the name of the Supervisor, or the names of the Joint Supervisors. The application shall be accompanied by six copies of a synopsis (of not more than 1000 words) of the proposed research work. The synopsis shall include the title of the research work, a short introduction, a brief review of the literature, a note on methodology pertaining to the work and the plan of work and shall be duly countersigned by the Supervisor or the Joint Supervisors.

7.4 The proposed title of the work can be modified at a later stage, if necessary. For this purpose the candidate shall submit an application to the Vice-Chancellor duly forwarded by the Supervisor and the Convener of the concerned Doctorate Committee. However, such modification will not be permitted after submission of the pre-submission Seminar Report by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

7.5 An application for registration shall be considered by the relevant Research Advisory Committee (RAC) at a meeting in the presence of the Supervisor (or at least one of the Joint Supervisors). The candidate will be asked to make a presentation on the proposed title of research and the recommendation of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will be forwarded to the Doctorate Committee by the Convener of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for necessary orders. The candidate will be allowed to register for the Ph.D. Programme, if the Doctorate Committee ratifies the same.

7.6 If the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) does not find it possible to make a positive recommendation to the Doctorate Committee in this regard, the candidate may resubmit the application, ordinarily within three months, after revision of the synopsis in the light of the suggestions made by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

7.7 If the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) does not recommend the application even after the revision, the matter may be placed before the concerned Doctorate Committee. The decision of the Doctorate Committee, taken in a meeting, shall be final in the matter.

7.8 Ordinarily a candidate will be registered for the Ph.D. degree in the subject in which the candidate has a Master’s Degree. In case a candidate applies for registration in a different subject, the matter will be decided by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) in the subject in which the candidate desires to be registered.

7.9 Registration shall remain valid for five years from the date of registration. The respective Doctorate Committee may, however, extend the period of registration beyond five years on the merit of individual cases, provided that such extension shall not exceed two years.

7.10 A registered candidate shall abide by such rules and regulations of the university and also the guidelines as may be prescribed by the Doctorate Committee from time to time. A registered candidate shall submit a progress report in duplicate to the office of the Research Cell through the Supervisor (s) once in every completed year of research.

7.11 The candidate may apply to the Registrar for cancellation of registration stating reasons, and such application, preferably forwarded by the Supervisor(s), must be placed and recorded at the meeting of the respective Doctorate Committee. If approved, the candidate’s registration will be cancelled.

7.12 A candidate’s registration may also be cancelled by the University if the candidate does not fulfill above criteria or violates any rules and regulations of the University. In such cases, the Supervisor(s) may recommend to the Registrar through the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for cancellation of his/her registration. The matter shall be placed at the meeting of the respective Doctorate Committee and the candidate will be notified in writing to be present before the respective Doctorate Committee.

The final decision will be taken by the Doctorate Committee after obtaining the candidate’s reply within a stipulated period of time.

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