4.1 Only a full time regular teacher of the University can act as a Supervisor/Co-supervisor. The external supervisors shall not be allowed.

4.2 Any regular Professor of the University with at least five research publications in referred/ peer-reviewed journals and any regular Associate/Assistant Professor of the University with the completion of three years after Ph.D degree and at least two research publications in referred journals may be recognized as Research Supervisor.

4.3 A Research Supervisor/Co-supervisor, at any given point of time, cannot guide more than two Ph.D scholars. However, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor may allow more scholars on case to case basis to a faculty member depending on the merit of the case not exceeding the UGC stipulation in this regard.

4.4 The allocation of Research Supervisor for a selected research scholar shall be decided by the Departmental Research Committee depending on the number of scholars per Research Supervisor, the available specialization among the supervisors and research interests of the scholars as indicated by them at the time of interview/viva-voce.

4.5 In case of topics which are of inter-disciplinary nature where the Department concerned feels that the expertise in the Department has to be supplemented from the outside, the Department may appoint a Research Supervisor from the Department itself, who shall be known as the Research Supervisor, and a Co-Supervisor from another Department of the University.

4.6 Only one research scholar per faculty member will receive funding from the University, if available, through ‘University Research Fellowship’.

4.7 Any faculty member of the University whose service is due more than 5 years will be allowed to take fresh Ph.D students.

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