Dipak Manna

Ramalingaswami fellow

My research experience in the field of Infectious disease and parasitology over 15 years has been primarily focused on protozoan parasite Entamoeba which cause diarrheal disease. Presently my lab is studying the transcription regulatory networks that control stage conversion in this protozoan parasite that can be used as better drug target to prevent disease transmission.

In particular, my lab is interested on a novel transcription factor, Encystation Regulatory Motif-binding protein (ERM-BP) which is the earliest regulator of encystation identified to date. ERM-BP links to metabolic alterations of NAD+ levels and leads to transcriptional regulation. In response to increased NAD+ levels, it is hypothesized that ERM-BP changes its confirmation and binds DNA. Genetic and biochemical analyses have defined the residues in ERM-BP which are critical for NAD+ and DNA binding. However, there is a huge knowledge gap regarding the mechanistic function of ERM-BP. My lab will now take efforts to further define the mechanistic function of ERM-BP using a combination of genetic, biochemical, structural and chemical biology approaches.


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