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Presidency for me has been a mecca of free thinking. A place to grow, explore , discover and break free. More than the destination, it is the journey which brings out the Presidencian in you , the rarest breed in all the world.

-Soumendra Bhattacharya, Economics

The best gift in my life is Presidency. From library card to cheap canteen's bills, news paper's articles to books, I try to collect each and everything related to Presidency. Presidency is my God, my home.

-Puja Bhattacharya, Political Science

"Presidency - A home away from home."Yes, it might not be perfect,it might not have a 1000 acre campus,it might not have that Olympic Swimming Pool,every classroom may not be upscale,but Presidency doesn't disappoint when it comes to the faculty,the quality of teaching...and most importantly Presidency loves you back.

-Aritra Ghosh, Physics

86/1 College Street..I felt privileged to be able to enter the gates and be a part of the prestigious institution. Walking up the famous stairs was an overwhelming feeling. Little did i know that this was the Stairway to Heaven.

-Sudeshna Basak, English

My life begins and ends with this institution. From the day of my admission day this place became my second HOME, and almost instantly I felt this is the place where all my dreams would be actualized and now after spending almost one and half years here I thank Presidency for providing me with an all-encompassing view about the journey called life. Presidency is just not an educational institution, Presidency is a way of life.

-Priyanka Ghosh, Philosophy

The sunshine says "awake little one, creep up to mu light." and the little seedling sleeping inside the earth, starts a journey, dreaming to grow huge and green one day. Presidency University is that sunlight in my life, without which life would have been full of unstirred darkness and deafening silence. It has molded me in several ways, bringing the best out of me. It has taught me to explore, to know, to question, to listen, to take risk and most importantly to dream. This bondage will last forever, and wherever I go in life, what ever I do, the essence of being a Presidencian will last forever.....

-Esha Pandit, Zoology

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